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It’s a poorly-kept secret that the perfect lawn is a source of admiration and envy from everyone in a neighbourhood. Even those who know nothing about gardening are struck by the sight of smooth, lush green grass forming a soft, living carpet.

Although keeping your lawn in pristine condition can seem like a lot of effort, professional lawn installation can make it a doddle, meaning that you get all the credit for your green fingers with none of the work. Our expert team of gardening gnomes (not actual garden gnomes, that would be far too scary) will carry out the most extensive preparation, ensuring that the soil beneath your new lawn is completely ready. This means that you will have a flat, full lawn instantly.

We would like to say that our perfect lawns avoid the need for family squabbles over whose turn it is to mow the lawn, but our experience shows that those arguments still happen. It’s just that now you’ll all be queuing up for your turn. You’ll love walking on the fresh, soft new grass.

Why Get A New Lawn?


A professionally installed lawn has many advantages over trying to repair and recover your existing lawn. Firstly, our lawn experts have spent hours upon hours researching and understanding the different types of lawn grasses. We won’t bore you with the details (we promise), but choosing the right grass for your conditions means that you can have the perfect green lawn with the minimum of input. This cuts down on the need to water and feed the lawn, which might not be the biggest chore ever, but reducing water usage is better for the environment.

Another advantage of our high quality lawn installation is in the edges. Anyone who has tried to keep a lawn looking pristine knows that the edges are by far the hardest part. Either you have to carefully edge the lawn separately with a strimmer or shears (or kitchen scissors, if you’re a real fanatic, like Dave in the office. Not that there’s anyone else quite like Dave), or you will usually have a scruffy edge with longer grasses reaching in towards the flowerbeds. For almost all garden designs (whether we are also landscaping your garden or simply replacing a lawn that is past its best), we are able to arrange edging such that you are able to simply mow right to the sides of your lawn and still retain the clean, crisp look you normally only see in magazines and at flower shows. This way, you’ll have the finest looking lawn on your street, for no effort. Well, unless you live on the same street as Dave. But even then, you’ll be a very close second best.

Trying to repair an existing lawn can take a huge amount of time and energy. Trust us, we’ve tried it! You could spend hours raking, scarifying and aerating, not to mention watching hours of YouTube videos to understand what scarifying and aerating are and how to do them. Alternatively, you could hand the task over to us, and allow our lawn fanatics to create the perfect lawn for you. Our dedication to getting it right, from the ground up, means that you will have the best soil conditions underneath your lawn, ensuring that your lawn will grow perfectly year after year.

Some properties may be quite steep which can make lawns less enjoyable and practical – in these cases a retaining wall could be an option to give you some more level lawn to enjoy. Looking for the best lawn installation Hobart has to offer? Contact us today.

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