Paving Installation Hobart

Paving can be a practical and beautiful addition to your garden, outdoor space and upcoming landscaping project. When laid with care and expertise, paving can be incredibly low maintenance and provide you with a great looking space for years to come.

There are many areas of your outside space that you might decide you would like paved. These could include:

• Your driveway. Off road parking can be a great asset to your home but many associate a driveway with either packed earth or cracked concrete. Using paving on your driveway does need to be approached with care, as it will need to withstand a great deal of weight over relatively long periods of time. Our expert professionals can ensure that you get the perfect paving for your driveway without risk of cracking and with minimal wear showing, even after many years.
• Paths leading to external doors. For those green-fingered souls who love their lawns (and we count ourselves among them), it might seem anathema to pave over any part of their garden. Neatly paved paths can help to keep the rest of your garden pristine, however. Laying a clear path encourages both your family and visitors to follow set routes across your property, meaning that there is less foot traffic across your lawns and (god forbid) flowerbeds.
• Pool surrounds and similar areas. Pool surrounds are usually paved, but it is important that the paving used has a non-slip surface and is suitable for this kind of use.
• Patios and outdoor dining areas. Weekends in the summer are made for outdoor dining. Having high quality paving to set aside your outdoor entertaining and dining area again helps to keep the rest of your garden looking stunning and makes eating outside seem like the most natural thing in the world. Paving a section of your garden to use as your outdoor dining area really does allow you to feel that you have added a new room to your home.

Proper Pavement Planning


When having new paving installed, it is essential that it is planned and laid with great attention to detail. This includes having some provision to deal with the water runoff during heavy rains and to avoid waterlogging, ensuring that the surface is level and sufficiently compacted, to ensure that your paving does not collapse during intense heat or as a result of severe frosts and also to ensure that the finish is smooth and beautiful. This last point is particularly important in any areas where you might want to walk barefoot. We ensure that your paving is designed and installed to the high standards you have every right to expect. And if you see one of us walking around barefoot on your new paving before we decide that the job is finished to our satisfaction, you’ll know why. Need paving installation in Hobart? Contact us today!

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