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Retaining walls are a great way of dealing with a garden that is on a slope. Rather than creating landscaping difficulties, a well-designed retaining wall is able to make a slope into a stunning architectural feature. So much so that our expert team of landscapers might suggest using some to create different levels within your garden, even if your site is mostly level.

Of course, as with every part of your garden, a retaining wall needs to be built with care and attention in order to ensure that it is the asset that you want and deserve. Our experts ensure that your retaining wall is perfect for the location and the purpose. We use the best quality of materials to give you the finish you want whilst also making sure that the less obvious aspects of the build (such as damp proofing and structural integrity) are also to the highest standard.

Customised Retaining Walls


Whether your retaining wall is there to add interest and levels to your garden or to avoid soil erosion and to stop your plant pots making a bid for freedom towards the bottom of a hill, we want to give you the look and service you deserve.

We work with a wide variety of materials and finishes, so we are sure to have one to suit both your tastes and your budget. Whether you are hoping for a natural stone look, or you want something with the more industrial feel of unfinished concrete, your wish is our command. We will make sure that the materials you prefer are fully able to perform the job you need done and discuss options to ensure that you are fully happy with both the look and the function of your new retaining walls. Many of our clients find some paving compliments their new retaining wall – we can assist you here as well. Looking to build a retaining wall in Hobart? Contact us now!

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